Item Id Key Section 2 Section 3 Section 7
1 show Building a new library is not necessary.
3 show Perhaps a place like a coffee shop/bakery. A new library would be a good asset to the town. The present one has run out of space.
4 show Near the ocean.
5 show (1) There are roads in town that were re-paved over 10 years ago and have had no preventative maintenance since that time. (2) New library plan was presented on 2006 and since that time the town has put away approx $50,000/yr to the library fund but no other progress has been made toward a funding solution, After 8 years, it is time to find an alternate solution to our library needs.
11 show I would like to see diversity of services.Specifically, getting away from the school district being the primary selling point.
6 show Allow more commercial buildings and business to help reduce the tax burden on land owners. Lower the Old Stage Road from the Dover town line to Old Stage Campground entrance and sell the gravel. Also reduces car accident possibilities going over the steep slopes on the sides currently.
7 show What's not to like!
9 show Balance of conservation and proper growth & uniqueness of town rural character. Happy to be part of master planning.
10 show We need a coffee shop/bakery in town center inasmuch as there is no social center open to all on a daily basis.
10  13 show It's a nice place to live. I wish there were more job openings nearby.
11  16 show Reduce the tax rate. Please lower my taxes!
12  17 show Open space - woods & fields. Please maintain the rural character.
13  30 show Farmers' Market Madbury's small/rural character is what sets it apart & must be preserved or we might as well become part or Dover or Durham.
14  33 show Madbury has done a good job of planning for future population growth. Attention needs to be paid to future emergency services needs. A wider range of housing options is desirable Proximity to Portsmouth. Proximity to Dover.
15  36 show I appreciate all the volunteers who make our town a special place to live. Our library has become an essential part of Madbury, but we have completely outgrown the present building.
16  39 show Library/Town Center expansion, breakfast/lunch plate
17  41 show Tavern!
18  42 show Nice library!
19  44 show Everything More support
20  45 show Allow low impact commercial that looks in keeping with a primarily residential town. Permanently preserve more open space/important natural/agricultural properties.
21  48 show Do not need larger library. Written books and magazines are of the pass. Everyone uses computers for informtion. Future libraries will house only antique books, documents nd computers. Wakeup! re: Agriculture-based business; Agricultural business like farm stands, small farm businesses, not large scale pig or chicken factories or fertilizer manfacture.
22  50 show Luckly no experience regarding fire or ambulance, Quiet, affordable Updates on industrial projects (sand/gravel and metal recycling)
23  52 show One great service would be to post meeting minutes from all town meetings (selectmen, conservation, zoning, etc.) to the town website. One step better would be to also webcast the same. The cost to post is virtually zero and webcast can be done very economically. 1. Madbury could use a small destination style business district (e.g., a few small speciality shops, a coffee shop/diner, etc.). Nothing big or messy, just a town center with an identity. This could be integrated with our civic buildings. 2. Cluster subdivisons, even with open space, do not fit our rural character. Too many such subdivisions would lead to Madbury becoming just another suburban town.
24  55 show Proximity to UNH
25  56 show We need a new library building. It is the center of our community, a place for for small groups to meet and socialize but we need a better facility for all that our library does or could do with more appropriate space. We love Madbury. Add a new library and it will be nearly perfect.
26  58 show No industry at the expense of rezoning. We have it all. Protect natural resources, open land & contiguous forest. Allow a diversity of housing, small business appropriate to residential/agricultural setting.
27  60 show Swimming area. Think home based business should be allowed more than it has been.
28  62 show Coffee shop All of it
29  63 show Library needs more space.
30  64 show Rather pay higher taxes than see any more commercial development. More of the same. This town is a gem.
31  67 show Convenience store We need bike paths.
32  68 show Convenience store, restaurants Please provide safe bike lanes & paths. Add a bit to the shoulders when repaving.
33  70 show New library is a must.

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